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Headgear and Facebow Headgear and Facebow
Headgear and Facebow (new and unused).
From 29.99€ *
Elastic Ligature Ties Elastic Ligature Ties
100 Elastic Ligature Ties - to fix the wire to the brackets of fixed braces. Enough for 5 fixed upper- and 5 fixed lower braces. Different colors available (please choose).
9.99€ *
Braces Case Braces Case
Case for storing removable braces and retainers.
4.99€ *
Metalbracket Metalbracket
One single Bracket (new) made of stainless steel for upper or lower jaw teeth. There are different types of brackets available, from the front- to the sideteeth. Please select the appropriate bracket form, according to the tooth number...
3.99€ *
Archwire for Fixed Braces Archwire for Fixed Braces
One single archwire for fixed braces (Steel 016x022).
5.99€ *
3D Dental Model (Upper & Lower Jaw) 3D Dental Model (Upper & Lower Jaw)
Custom made, dental stone models of your teeth.
From 39.99€ *
Cheek Retractor Cheek Retractor
Dental Cheek and Lip Retractor.
29.99€ *