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Double Feed Plates Double Feed Plates
Double feed plates for the upper and lower jaw.
From 269.99€ *
Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope Appliance Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope...
This appliance is a combination of a Twin-Block with a Telescope Appliance and an Activator with pelottes.
From 429.99€ *
Twin-Block Twin-Block
The Twin Block is a functional orthodontic appliance, in which plastic bites are applied in the upper as well as in the lower jaw which are interlocked when the jaws are closed and thus the position of the two jaws is fixed to each other.
From 329.99€ *
Bass-Application Bass-Application
A functional orthodontic appliance, consisting of a maxillary stretching plate, lingual signs and lower lip pads.
From 339.99€ *
Hansa Plate Hansa Plate
A classical bimaxillar appliance.
From 419.99€ *